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37 Degrees South - Aotearoa

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Head Office
New Zealand
PO Box 2046

F: +64 9 355 0500
P: +64 21 972 782

The strategy thought-leaders 

37 Degrees South™ delivers high level strategies to stimulate efficiency, growth and prosperity across your organisation, and long term benefits for your business, community and environment

Climate change remains a significant challenge for the planet, sectors, households and communities.

We continue work at both international and domestic levels to both shape policy and practical solutions for businesses and communities with projects in the energy, forestry, food, farming and agriculture sectors.

We provide sustainable economic development and asset development strategies for businesses and indigenous communities throughout New Zealand and around the world.

Assessing the value of assets

We can help you assess the scope and value of your assets, be they forests, minerals or tourism attractions. We will complete an audit that identifies your assets and considers their potential long term value under a range of scenarios.

Sustainable strategies for long term growth

Once we have established the value of your assets we develop business plans and investment strategies to realize their full earning potential. Our strategies will gear your business for long term prosperity, and enhance the wellbeing of your community and environment for generations to come.

International marketing networks

We build positive relationships between indigenous communities, investor groups, and government agencies to benefit all involved. We then use our network of partners and alliances around the world to promote your assets, products or services to the right investors in the best global markets.

Changing the game through Innovation and Technology

37 Degrees South™ has a reputation for innovation and getting things done.

“What you laid out with me was the clearest and most succinct way of thinking about how to integrate Innovation and Technology to drive economic development I have ever heard”.

Hon. Bill English. 2010 (Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister)

“What you are doing should be a showcase to New Zealand for economic, regional and Iwi development”.

David Cunliffe. 2011 (Opposition Spokesman for Finance)


Pioneering Innovation and Technology frameworks to fast-track sustainable Iwi development

Our work is pioneering options to fast-track Iwi development through knowing how to navigate the complexities of the Science system to find and secure the best research capabilities from across these, engage and focus these on delivering meaningful solutions while securing intellectual property for our clients.

Our approach exploits the principle of leverage points which are points in complex systems where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything. Our wealth of experience and commitment to ongoing learning keep us at the forefront of global business theory and practice. New clients benefit from our deep knowledge and close connections with some of the world's brightest strategic thinkers.

Our commitment to community

As well as working with commercial clients, we acknowledge our important leadership role to do practical work at the community level. Have a look here at our kaitiakitanga project that has practically engaged the community and especially emerging young leaders of tomorrow on the issues around sustainability.

Our Kaitiakitanga project has:

  • been nominated for a national environmental award, and
  • is enabling linkages between the community's students and other like-minded students across the world.

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